Lost Minute, a little video I made.

Lost Minute is a local band which I have only recently been aware of. Their debut single ‘Decisions’ is a song I enjoyed immediately. During their intimate gig yesterday in Aylesbury I brought along a Video Camcorder as well as my Nikon. I took it into Final Cut Pro, added a couple of filters and edited it together. Although I didn’t have much footage to work with (which I was aware of at the time) I was pleased with the slow motion effects I used. The hardest part was finding a setting that looked on Youtube and Facebook; there was a bit of trial and error with Compressor during that process.

I love my photography, but for as long as I remember I have been fascinated by the art of cinematrography. I really enjoyed the editing process and hope there will be more opportunities to come.

More information and photos available on www.gigphotographer.com



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