The best way to do street photography

Call you what you want, but walking around busy urban areas with a SLR camera is dangerous these days. People either think you’re terrorists or think you’re a pedophile on the loose. However this guy Bruce Gilden is legendary for how he shoots Street Photography. Just watch this short documentary about him taking photos in New York.

I admire his ‘no-ethic’ attitude, but it is not a moral that sits comfortably with me. I like to gain people’s trust but the best shots I’ve taken on the streets have been with a long lens and definitely NOT the IN YOUR FACE approach which Bruce Gilden adopts.

What are your thoughts on Urban Photography? What is your style? Perhaps you’re not a photographer but just a normal guy who’s annoyed at big SLRs being shoved in your face?

Please comment and let me know if you’re for or against it.

New Years Day, a lost key, post wedding drinks and too many vodka cranberries

Talk about going into 2010 with a bang, I started this year off in the most random of situations. Let’s just say someone lost the keys to his hired car, but against the odds he still finds them and we still make it in time for dinner!!

If you ever make it down to the South West coast of Wales to a small town called Tenby, then watch out for the locals, they know how to party!

Picnic at Combe Hill

I was up late last night working on various projects so I decided to treat myself but doing something. I hadn’t decided yet so I was just checking my website’s statistics (435 visitors this week). I also had Facebook open and saw my mate Kelly was online. After a very quick and spontaneous decision we decided to have a picnic at Combe Hill. We had a very chilled out time even though she was a bit chilly. I loved the randomness and spontaneity of the afternoon! Brilliant!!













Remembering Vietnam

2007 was an awesome year for me, probably the best year in my life. So much happened that I don’t even know where to start… so I won’t. But I did want to share my favourite sunset in Hoi An in Vietnam. I dedicate this post to my travel buddy in Vietnam Alex Berman. It was, as he colourfully puts it, “Hot as Baaalllls” which turned into a catchphrase over there; it was an amazing little excursion for the two of us. We didn’t go far as it was getting dark (hence the sunset), but it wasn’t the distance travelled, it was jsut two guys walking the streets of Hoi An and stumbling upon the most wonderful painting in the sky. It is something that will be with me forever.

Sunset in Vietnam

A quick visit to the legendary Stonehenge

I had a lull in my schedule yesterday. I was at a loss of what to do. I prefer to be busy, I am not someone who must be doing something all the time; even when I’m watching some television I usually have the laptop at hand researching or networking. With that in mind I needed something to do.

My neighbour is returning to Colorado a few weeks time, so I wanted to give her a little leaving present. She originally wanted to go to see the sea but living in Buckinghamshire we could not be any further from the coast! However, she did mention she wanted to see Stonehenge so I texted her and within 45 minutes we were off (we picked up something for Magneto on the way).

I took all my camera equipment which is easy. When you’re a seasoned Wedding Photographer you learn to travel light and be adaptable.

Below are the photos I took, the fisheye was taken by my neighbour April.













An inspirational pose for my next Wedding Bride

Girl perfectly posed on steps

Girl perfectly posed on steps

I simply think her pose is perfect. A woman’s neck is often missed by the photographer but it is something I try hard to capture. Along with her obvious beautiful legs the dress is simple, the lighting is high and slightly behind her. It’s great!

A day out in Cambridge

I had a free Saturday so I had a great opportunity to go with a mate to see Cambridge. I did ask her if I could borrow “her” 18-200mm lens but in the end I wanted to see what I could take with the 50mm on my Nikon D300. It was a real challenge because I had a narrow angle to shoot from, but once I adjusted to what I could shoot, then it became alot of fun!